Grond's ROM Hacks

(There are no ROMs or other questionable files to be found here. Only text and image files.)


-IPS Patches-

Final Fantasy ++ & World of Chaos : preview

-instructions and a patch to let you combine
these two hacks (below) into a single file.


Final Fantasy ++ v1.5 : preview

-a good Final Fantasy 1 (NES) hack.
Full maps for it can be downloaded here.


Final Fantasy ++ World of Chaos v1.2 : preview

-a cool Final Fantasy 1 (NES) hack.
(This is an extension or expansion of FF++.
So, if you liked that hack, give this one a go.)


GFFBBH (Grond's Final Fantasy Bugfix/Balancing Hack) v2.0f : preview

-this is much closer to the original game
than my other Final Fantasy 1 hacks.
Also includes my text string expansion patch.


Final Fantasy I & IIe Unofficial Update : preview

-a fix / enhancement for Neo Demiforce's translation
patch for the Final Fantasy I & II (Famicom) multicart.



Final Fantasy II (Famicom) Game Genie Codes



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